Friday, February 12, 2010

On Pregnancy

I'm pregnant! Took us a while, but pretty much happened immediately following the happy occasion of my TSH dropping (briefly) below 1.0. Sadly, we had a miscarriage shortly later, but were thrilled to find out that all our bits and pieces were provisionally working!

My TSH slipped a bit afterwards and my nails started breaking and I started sleeping more. I knew I needed an increase, but was being stubborn and waiting for my next scheduled TSH test. The test showed my TSH had slipped up into the 1.5 range iirc, so I argued for a dose increase, got it, and promptly felt much better. TSH dropped down to the 0.8 range again, and within two months of that, I got pregnant again!

At that time, we promptly had to up my dose again -very common in pregnancy-, and I'm currently taking 137 mcg/day and my TSH is right around 0.52. I'm thrilled! Am hoping to keep it that low (or lower) post-partum.  The goiter doesn't seem much reduced at all, though Mum and Dad say it seems smaller to them.  At least it's not bigger.

Coincidence? I don't think so!  I'm also pleased that yet again, I insisted on treatment.  To have been told that my thyroid is fine, then to end up with a nearly full-replacement dose is a nice acknowledgement that I was right - thyroid *is* wonky.

Oh, and we're due in late May. :)

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